Welcome back to my own blog

I think this time is the first time I try to use English to write my blog. However, need to thank my lecturer, due to her assignments, I have to open a blog. Since I already have the blog, so I don’t decide to re-open again because I already have many blog before. I miss my blogging time and the time to be a blogger who participant the blogger contest every year in the past. All of that is become history in my life, there was very less people who use blog again nowadays due to there was many social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. I hope I can start to be a blogger again to manage my own blog when I’m free. Hopefully this won’t be the last of my blog again. Say Hi to My blog! Finally I was here and I hope to stay here in the future. Is the time to sleep, good night everyone! I will be back, don’t worry.


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