End of my holidays

Ok, is the time to go back KL by tomorrow, but my mood look like down again. First, I really hate to face all the troublesome things KL, especially KLMUC case. Really really really hate for the services that they provided, empty promise again and again, call to in-charged person they don’t dare to pick up the call, even message also don’t dare to reply. :beiba: What kind of services that they provided to student? :=@: Really feel no way to this university, but I still have to stay at here two more month to complete my degree study. Hopefully this time I can successfully graduate from this university, then sure I will thanks god a lot and a lot. Almost 3 weeks didn’t come back to my home town Ipoh, and I busy at KL due to my study and my rental. So last week I take time to come back Ipoh, and so fast time tomorrow I need to left again. :dw: Home sick? I don’t know, just feel like once we growth up, we have to take more responsibility to ourselves and our family. We are not children anymore, everything have to think twice before we take action. My mother advised me that in the KLMUC case I should give chance to them to do their job, I really hope I got this ability to solve the case without trouble my parent to come KL for this non-sense things. So now have to keep my things, prepared go back KL to face all the issues. Told myself I can solve it by myself, have to believe my own ability. Say goodbye to my holidays, I will come back Ipoh again. :sad:

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